The following hotels and guest houses do support the Föhr-Marathon:

In Wyk (transfer by bus from the bus stop at the harbour to the start in Midlum): 
Appartementvermietung Graf Luckner
Pension Haus Friede
Pension Ruh-ut 

In Midlum
Midlumer Krog

In Oevenum (approximately 1 km away from the start in Midlum)
Krögers Dörpskrog

In Wrixum (approximately 2 km away from the start in Midlum)
Friesenhof im Wrixum

In Utersum (approximately 10 km away from the start in Midlum)
Hotel garni Zur Post

If you do not want to spend a night on the island of Föhr you can stay at the Strandhotel in Dagebüll and take the first ferry service from Dagebüll to Wyk. Breakfast could be taken on the ferry.

If you are member of the German Youth Hostel Association or the Hostelling International you could stay at the youth hostel in Wyk. The hostel is located 3,5 km from the harbour (transfer by coach from the harbour to the start in Midlum). Breakfast is available from 6 o'clock.

Further possibilities of accommodation (hotels, hostels, guest house, apartments for rent) are available on the websites of the Föhr-Tourismus-Information (tourist information centre).

Please be advised that you need to book your accommodation in good time since Easter holidays start at the same weekend as the Föhr-Marathon is to be held.